As Taiwan's Kyoto, Tainan is rich in

Taiwanese history, culture and spirit.

With 400 years history and charm,

Tainan has been attracting many tourists.

Fuqi hostel

Built by Dutch bricks,

with the design of half-side well,

for more than 100 years. Fuqi

hostel witnesses the change of time. 

Let's stay together for the next moment.

Stay in Fuqi hostel with blissing and pleasance



Yuanqi branch

       Located in Tainan city center, Yuanqi branch is next to shopping malls, Tainan Art Museum, Tainan Judicial Museum, National Museum of Taiwan Literature and Snail Alley.


Snail Alley which is a famous scene in the fictions written by Taiwanese author Yeh Shih-Tao, is well-known for its art atmosphere.


Heping branch

As a former iron factory, the architecture of Heping combines British induastrial style into modern building facilities, including steel fixing structure and firefighting equipment to assure that our guests enjoy living in our hostel at ease.


In addition, Heping branch provides extra convenience to you. Thanks to the superb location, Guohua, Zhengxing, and Shennong street can be reached within 3 minutes by walking.

Common area




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​Check-in: 15:00 - 21:00 

HePing branch

No. 91, Heping Street, West Central District, Tainan City, 700


YuanQi branch

No. 70, Zhongzheng Road, West Central District, Tainan City, 700






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